This is not a how-to article, so if that’s what you’re looking for I suggest you keep looking. If I’m honest, I’ve been putting off painting my room for one simple reason: it makes me nervous. What if it looks bad? What if I spill paint everywhere? IMG_4253Even today as I put primer over what used to be holes, I wasn’t entirely sure I was up to the challenge of painting a 9×9 room. I put plastic sheets all over the floor and taped everything carefully so that if I messed up, I would do as little damage as possible. And then the primer dried and I thought, to hell with it, and I started painting. It was great. IMG_4252 When I was choosing paint colours, I wanted just plain white. What do you know, there’s no such colour as “Plain White” at the paint store. I settled for “Ultra White” and hoped it wouldn’t look too bright or anything. I tested it out on the wall and decided I loved it. Sure it was bright, but it wasn’t headache-inducing and even though the inside of my closet isn’t really somewhere people are going to pay attention to, it looked so much better than the off-white. It felt really good to paint, too! It’s one of those activities that keeps your hands busy while your mind wanders freely. Plus you get a bit of a workout while being productive. All in all, I had nothing to fear. Except I can’t paint corners very well and they look terrible, but hopefully no one will notice that.


2 thoughts on “Painting A Closet

  1. When we moved into our house last year I painted the spare room white, too. You’d think there is such a thing as ‘plain white’ but there really isn’t! I love it as well, the white is bright which is great for my creativity and motivation since it’s not too dark. The room is quite small so the white doesn’t suck up the bit of sunlight I get in there.

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