Yes, it’s unofficially autumn. You might be complaining about the impending snowfall (unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where trees actually have the chance to lose their leaves before you get twelve inches) or upcoming classes (unless you’re done with school), but fall happens to be my favourite time of the year. The trees get all pretty, the ground smells earthy, the weather is a good in-between, and the fashion. Which is why for the first time, I’ve put together a list of fall trend favourites. If it goes well, I might just do it for every change of seasons.

I’ve been looking at Fall 2015 runways, taking note of trends that I would absolutely love to incorporate in my day to day fashion. Here are my top five:

1. Chunky Earrings. Also known as the “Statement Earring” but I prefer to call ’em as I see ’em. For a while now, jewellery has taken a back seat to other aspects of fashion. I don’t mind this seeing as how I rarely wear any anyway. If there’s a piece of jewellery that makes a statement, it’s usually a necklace. Rings have also been known for their noticeability lately, but more for their quantity than their quality. However, I am far more excited about chunky earrings for a variety of reasons. For one, rings, bracelets, and necklaces get in the way, but chunky earrings are all pros, no cons. For another, if I find a pair I really like but am allergic to, chunky earrings are easy to coat with clear nail polish. Plus, they look so cool, so you can make a statement without going overboard.

Not gonna lie, this pic is from the Forever 21 website. It was just perfect for what I was looking for, okay?
Not gonna lie, this pic is straight from the Forever 21 website. It was just perfect for what I was looking for, okay?

2. Layered Shirts. They’re calling it the 70s trend, but I think that’s too broad. I just want to focus on this particular thing which I love, have done, and will do again. Basically, it’s just layering something over a shirt. You can layer it with a dress, a pinafore, overalls, or even another shirt. It’s such a simple thing to do yet it instantly makes your outfit so much more interesting. It’s especially great for when the days get colder!

3. Neon. I’ve always loved neon. I can actually remember the first time I saw neon colours as a kid (not including neon lights) and I was just blown away by their vividness. They glowed without glowing! This trend has been making its way onto the scene for ages and now it’s official. Sneaking shocks of neon into your outfit will make people look twice and it can brighten up any outfit considerably. Something else I love about this trend is that it’s not limited to clothes. I’ve got a black and white dress with neon orange accents and I’ve also got a neon yellow pencil case. They both look pretty cool. Just remember–everything in moderation. Too much neon will cause headaches and possibly nausea.

I love how there are three different plaid patterns between these two girls.!image-number=19

4. Plaid. This trend reminds me of home. There’s a cozy, grounded feeling about it, like pine trees and campfires. It’s such a simple idea to criss-cross stripes but the possibilities are endless. I remember wearing plaid as a kid and I doubt it’s a trend that will go away anytime soon.

5. Florals. There’s something beautiful and rebellious about claiming floral prints for autumn. And why not? Leaf prints were popular for spring and summer so it’s only fair. And come the chilly days, we will be glad we’ve got reminders of warmer times. It took me a while to get used to the idea of “Granny Patterns” as I called them, back when they were first becoming popular. Now, however, I understand what all the fuss was about.

So that’s it. What do you think? Are there any trends you think should’ve made it on the list? Or any of these that you think shouldn’t have? And lastly, which of these trends are you most looking forward to incorporating into your style? Comment below!

Thanks for reading, until next time!


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