The Lion King Musical was in my hometown and my mom took my siblings and me to go see it. We see plays or musicals occasionally, but not often enough in my opinion. Every time we go to admire some sort of live production, we dress up for it. For this week’s Outfit of the Week, here is what I wore:


I think this is the fanciest outfit I’ve ever had the pleasure of showing you guys. How do you like it?

The skirt is the masterpiece of this combination. I got it from Naf Naf while I was in Paris and although it’s a bit of a chore to wash (hand wash, cold, with like colours, no bleach) it’s just so pretty! The colourful geometric shapes mixed with the flowers give it both a classic and modern vibe, and look! Pockets! Not to mention that this is possibly the only white skirt I’ve ever seen that is not at all see-through.

I chose to wear the skirt with a solid black crop top to give the outfit a more youthful edge and let the colourful skirt stand out. You might recognize this top from this OOTW, which is a testament to how adaptable it is!

Lastly, I have a pair of black suede heels with fringe; a very subtle nod to the 70s trend going on right now. They don’t stand out, but they do add class (and height!) to the ensemble.

I tried to match my lipstick to a deeper berry-red shade from the skirt (not sure it I succeeded). As usual, I didn’t bother with jewellery. Honestly, I sort of forgot.

All in all, I felt great on the day, and when you’re putting in the effort to dress up, that’s what counts the most, right? If you’ve got anything to add, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

The Lion King was great, by the way. If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend it.


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