I should note that I didn’t take pictures of everything because often I forgot my camera or I just forgot in general.

None of these pictures predate December 1st.

The highest of the university campuses. I had a lot of schoolwork to do in the beginning of the week.
Some university accommodation buildings, including the one I stayed in last year.
Winchester has great street food. The Christmas lights and vendors make the high street so lively.
A cool-looking church I pass to and from work.
The last Writers’ Society meeting before the break. Three of usĀ couldn’t make it because of assignments being due soon. Two of us were working on assignments at the meeting.
The cast and crew for a short film I was in. If I can show you the finished product when it’s done, I will.

I’ve had a crazy busy last week before the break, but it’s been absolutely amazing. When I come back in January, it’ll be for the last time. I do not feel ready to face that reality. I think I’ll just keep busy and enjoy life for now…


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