I’m back in Canada now. While I’m glad to see my dog, my brother, and my big soft bed, I’ve realized that I was missing things about home without even knowing it.

The cold, for one. Who would ever miss -10ºc weather? Well, I’ve missed it. I love feeling like a dragon and seeing my breath. I love the crisp bite of air when I open the door to let my dog out. I love feeling the warmth of apple cider go down after coming in from the cold.

I went to the mall today (I’ve missed decent-sized shopping malls) and I noticed several people wearing hockey jerseys. I’ve missed hockey culture. I don’t even follow hockey. The rivalry between Edmonton and Calgary hockey fans, the team flags on car windows, even just the abundance of community skating rinks and the lack of water on top of the ice. I’ve missed it all.


There are many comforts of home that were lacking in student housing. Being able to do laundry without having to set aside several hours and certain coins. Not having to leave the building to do it. Being able to flop onto the couch and watch whatever’s on TV. Finding random stuff in the fridge and eating whatever. Having plants. I have missed having plants! Granted, here at home only one of my plants isn’t fake because I’m always away, but I can’t explain how nice it is to have something around that grows.

I have candles that I can set fire to. I have a closet I can adjust to my needs. An enormous bathtub, a backyard, several blankets available for use depending on my wishes. I have wifi that doesn’t cut out every five or so minutes. I have a dog that will not leave me alone. I’m so lucky and I’m thankful for all of it.


It’s strange how little these things are. I never used to notice most of them, either. In some ways, it’s good to go without for a while. It reminds you to stop and appreciate everything.


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