It is a minute to midnight and I’m running on the last juices of my battery. My dog Foxy is asleep at my feet. I’m the only one awake. My siblings went to sleep early, excited for the early Christmas we’ll be having tomorrow while here at my dad’s house.

Our actual Christmas will be spent with our mom. Although this is our second Christmas split between two houses, it’s still taking some getting used to. We don’t know whether we should open half our parents tomorrow, or all of them the day after. We’re unsure about leaving out cookies and milk. We’ve had to be careful to give different answers to each parent when asked what we want for Christmas because there’s no way they’ll check with each other for overlap. There’s a lot of tip-toeing and tense times.

But right now, in this moment, the only sounds are my typing and Foxy’s breathing and everything seems right with the world. It won’t last. Nothing ever does, but that’s not a bad thing. The impermanence of everything only serves as a reminder for us to appreciate the good times and know that there will be an end to the bad.


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