I don’t actually write poems very often. In my first year I had a poetry class that I had to do a bunch for and I’ve been dropping them here and there since I first started this blog, so it seems like I write more than I do. This time, however, I have some poems that were not written for a class, but they just came into my head while I was within arms length of some paper and a pen. They weren’t written recently, but more recently than most of the ones I post usually are. Hope you like them.


I ran away from home
I’ve done it before
Five years old, sitting on the porch
Deciding to live there forever

Eleven, fourteen, visiting my aunt
I practiced my french just in case
Sixteen, an exchange through school
Eighteen, I crossed an ocean

I never needed home. I didn’t stop to think
Maybe it never needed my either.



I am a superhero
From a faraway land
Where the air is sweet
And the water gives you strength
And the money smells like tree sugar



My pen screams
It races my heart and wins
The ink bleeds
The paper accepts its sacrifice.

My hand delivers noise
The words strike a match
Our world burns
My lips never part.


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