I wonder whether I should just make it official and rename these Bi-Weeklies?


Stephen King said, “Reading takes time, and the glass teat takes too much of it.”

Sorry to disappoint, Mr. King. But although I watch way too much television and internet videos, I did manage to get work done today so yay for me.


TV Show

I have a friend who gets really into their favourite TV shows and their enthusiasm is kind of infectious. I’ve watched shows solely because they’ve recommended it before, and one of those shows is The 100. It’s a sci-fi dystopian drama that I’m only a few episodes into, but I’m starting to gain traction. To be completely honest, before I started watching, it’s biggest selling point on me is that it’s filmed in Canada. But though the scenery can be absolutely breathtaking, the characters, plot, and actors can hold this show up without help. Between this and Criminal Minds, I just know I’m going to regret not following Mr. King’s advice.


I’m going to mention a book today because I know I’m not going to review it. It’s got a long title, but I got it for research and it’s actually really interesting. “A Seaman’s Narrative of his Adventures During a Captivity Among Chinese Pirates On The Coast of Cochin-China” (Cochin-China is now known as Vietnam, btw) See? Long title. But hey, it’s accurate. It was written by Edward Brown around 1860-ish.



I just want to say sandwiches may taste bad sometimes and have a texture as desirable as eating cardboard, but  they’re a good idea. They’re easy to make, easy to pack, and they can contain a whole bunch of different foods in them. Sandwiches are great and they don’t deserve to be put down by people. Cereal on the other hand is a waste of money and takes too much effort to enjoy until you’re rich enough not to have to do your own dishes. Screw cereal.

Makeup Thing

I brought like three different lipsticks from Canada and I feel like I never wear them, but I wore one today. It was bright red and I went ahead and wore it bright because what the hell and I haven’t felt so good about these lips in a long time. I think I’ll wear makeup more often, actually. First of all because it’s fun and I feel like it, but as a bonus I’ll have to wake up earlier to put it on and maybe that way my sleep schedule will fix itself a bit. But I’m still going to stay away from mascara. There’s too much opportunity to mess up in that department.

But still, if you know me in person don’t be surprised to see me bare-faced sometimes. I can’t do makeup every day. Who am I, Supergirl?


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