It’s my second-last week of classes and I’m finally starting to feel that thing that happens when something is about to end. My senses are in overdrive, trying to take everything in and commit it all to memory. 

One of those things is the room I’ve been staying in this year. Of the three rooms from three years here, this one is my least favourite. Nonetheless, it does the job.

In the past I’ve compared my utilization of the cork boards provided in the dorm rooms. Now I can finally put together the cork boards from all three years here. Enjoy.

First Year: The Maximalist


Second Year: The Minimalist


Second Year: The Utalitarian


You can click here to see what I said about my past cork boards. (Opens in new tab.)

Third Year: The Free Spirit


The university poster fair didn’t have anything I was interested in this year, so for the first several months this enormous cork board was bare. In January, I found this set of five mini-posters at New Look for £3. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered, but in this case each of the posters in the set had something I loved about it.

I didn’t want to put holes in the posters, So I stuck some folded tape on the backs and pinned those instead. The flower lights are reused from second year.

Third Year: The Grab-and-Go


This corner of the board developed organically over time. It’s the closest to my door, and it started with a pin to hang my keys. Then some pins to hang other things like my umbrella and tote bags. Sometimes I’d hang things that needed to dry, like my loofah, which I forgot there. Oops. When I came back from Paris in November I brought with me three cards of art I liked and put them up just to look at. I also put up my birthday hat, and a polaroid of me and some of my friends. The lights in this picture I got from New Look at the same time I got the posters. I think they were £5 but I’m not positive.

The entirety of that board looks like this:


Third Year: The Nostalgia


This board is right by my sink, so I put the few necklaces (and one hair clip) I have there for easy access. Hanging them also keeps them from getting tangled which is great on mornings when I’m in a rush. I’ve also kept a train ticket from each trip out of town this year (not as many as I would like, but there’s still time), as well as movie tickets, airplane boarding passes, and my ticket for the Eiffel Tower. I also have a map of my university, some kitchen tools I got for free but have never used, pics of me and friends, and a beautiful metalwork bookmark my friend got me from Malaysia. Oh, and a resume that I printed off but didn’t need so I made it into a pouch that I sometimes use to hold makeup in.

So there you have it. All of my cork boards throughout my years of university. Which one’s your favourite? Why? Comment below!


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