Back in November I attended my first feature film premiere for a film I did back in 2017. The film still isn’t out yet, but who cares about that when you can see what I wore on the red carpet instead?

So on the day of the premiere, I was helping a couple of friends with a music video they were filming, and doing my makeup when they didn’t need me. (I also forgot my bra (I brought an extra one) at my friend’s house where we were filming so…oops.) Eventually we were finished and I went home to change and pick up my sister, and we drove to the venue where we met up with my dad and brother and went to watch the movie.

It was great to see the cast and crew again, although in my opinion there was not enough food. But there’s never enough food for me, so I digress.

And this was my outfit:

Soooooo, note to self for future premiers, I should have cut the little loops meant for hanging. They definitely snuck into…every photo I think? Also, as much as I loved this dress (ASOS, I think), the black fabric on the inside of the star mesh was not attached to the star mesh layer, and therefore kept falling down. Thankfully, I wore a black bra and you can’t really tell except in some pictures. But I wanted to show you anyway because I loved the star mesh and I thought it made the sleeves look so cool.

The shoes are from Payless which no longer exists, but it’s a popular style you can get from a lot of brands. I’ve worn them in an Outfit of the Week before (this one) and mentioned then that my feet were bleeding in them. I’m happy to announce that did not happen this time. I think they’re properly broken in, now.

I loved the maroon velvet blazer I paired with the dress. I got it for $30 from a local vintage market and it’s got kind of an older-fashioned cut to it, but it works and it’s comfortable so I don’t mind. I also wore it for my Halloween costume last year.

Can you guess who I was for Halloween?

All my wallets (for the past four years or so) have been wallets that I can put on a strap or chain and carry as an over-shoulder purse, so that’s the purse you see in the picture. I wore these cool little spiky earrings that I completely forget the origin of, and I had a ring from Brandy Melville although you can’t really see it. My nails were were also a deep red colour called “Berry Naught” from Essie. and I curled my hair (I’d just had a perm weeks earlier that I was still getting used to, so when I curled it, it was really curled) and did a tight little french braid on one side, finished with a couple of hair pins for kind of an edgier look. It was a motorcycle movie, so my whole mood for the outfit was inspired by badassery.

And there you have it! What do you think of the look? Is it something you would have worn? Let me know in the comments!


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