If you’ve been around long enough, you might remember I had written and directed a short film called SIV, based on the short story I wrote (this is the original short story, and this is the sequel from which the short film was made), and which premiered earlier this year.

Now, at long last, my short film is finally publicly available! Watch it now below, and if you enjoy it please give it a like and maybe even share it!


A girl and her robot have two questions hanging between them: Can a robot love? And if so, should she?

SIV was filmed in August 2017 and stars Sydney Hughes as Margot, Chris Fuglerud as Margot’s dad, Matthew, and Ania Danylo as the voice of SIV. Ivy Miller is the writer and director, and this is her directorial debut.

SIV is the first film by Pippin Productions. It was accepted into two film festivals, Central Alberta Film Festival (CAFF) in Red Deer, Alberta, and Short to the Point film festival in Romania.

SIV Written and Directed by Ivy Miller

Starring: Sydney Hughes as Margot Chris Fuglerud as Dr. Matthew Ania Danylo as SIV

Crew: Bruce Toll Eric Pettifor Chris Fuglerud

Music: halt. by Winjer3 Caeli by Kai Engel



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