Canadian Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. I haven’t celebrated thanksgiving since 2012, but tomorrow some of the Canadian students are going to get together for dinner and I guess my streak of being completely unthankful for my amazingly awesome life will end.

I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Ever since I left home two years ago, my life has been great.

That sounds kind of bad, doesn’t it…

But it’s true. This blog has been going well and I love my classes and I’ve got awesome friends all over the world. I’m still unsure about my future, but I’m not without options.

I’ve been really busy and today’s no exception, so I’m going to keep this short and end it here. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Calgary Stampede!

So this is long overdue, but my dad took my siblings and me to the annual rodeo in town which you probably guessed from the title, is called the Calgary Stampede. If you’ve never heard of it, it happens in my hometown and goes for ten days every July. There are rides, games, and food stands. There are rodeo competitions, there are tons of informative and interactive animals and agriculture booths, there are tons of shows and concerts, there are cultural celebrations and there is tons and tons of advertising. It’s awesome and the entire city gets decked out Old-West style and there are free pancakes and burgers around town for the entire duration of “Stampede Season”.

(#7) Weeklies

So this is late, but oh well.

I haven’t been watching films lately. There is one movie theatre in town and it hasn’t got very interesting movies on at the moment. When it does, I think I’ll already have seen them since films come out earlier in Canada than they do here. For example, a lot of people over here are looking forward to Big Hero 6 which I reviewed over a month ago. The lack of new films is sort of sad, but it’s okay, I guess.

On the up side, my friend Sarah and I have booked our train and hostel for out trip to Paris today! (Insert celebratory onomatopoeia here.) We’re so excited!

But I’m going to have to get a bit inventive without the usual stuff to put…

And that leads me to this week’s Weeklies:


Ketchup. It’s just always there.


Indoor plumbing. It can be the difference between a good life and a great one.

Canadian Food:

Beaver Tails. I’ve only ever had one and eagerly await the next chance I get to try this Canadian delicacy.


“Editing is a re-wording activity.” I saw it on a mug somewhere. I want that mug.


Nutella and banana on white, because it’s the only way to eat chocolate spread for breakfast. Except for crèpes. And pancakes if you’re sneaky about it. And waffles. I didn’t really think this through.