I’ve gotta say, filming vlogs every day for my month in Vietnam last summer was one of the best things I could have done in order to learn vlogging and figure out my new camera.

On Saturday my dad and I went to Kananaskis for a little day trip. My camera skills have improved greatly between this one and the first day in Vietnam vlog (first vlog I did with this camera) which I was attempting to edit a couple of weeks ago. I’m better with my camera now and I can see a difference in how far I’ve come. But it does mean that when the Vietnam vlogs finally get out, the quality will be noticeably poorer. Hopefully I can build my editing skills in order to make up for the filmmaking.


I went to a French immersion elementary school, and around this time every year they used to have Cabane a Sucre (Sugar Cabin) for the students, when we’d all get two maple taffy sticks. It was my favourite day of the year, and after I left French immersion, the maple taffy suddenly became elusive.

When I did a three month student exchange to Quebec, I stayed with a family in a rural area where we actually tapped the maple trees for their water, and when we had enough (it takes quite a lot of maple water to make a decent amount of maple taffy), the dad of the family cooked it and we all had as much homemade maple taffy as we wanted. Unfortunately, that was the last time I ever had it…until this last Saturday!

This event in Kananaskis showed up on Facebook and I wanted to go just for the maple taffy, but there ended up being more on offer than I expected. It was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, I hope you like my first vlog of 2019. I promise I’m working on more.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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