Room Makeovers Without Money

I recently read a great article "Minimalism is Just Another Boring Product Wealthy People Can Buy" which raised some great points about how minimalism and nice decor are out of reach for most people, and it got me thinking. The rooms and dorm rooms I've decorated over the last five years, could I have done … Continue reading Room Makeovers Without Money


Room Tour

I finally did what I said I'd do and made a room tour! I think I'm done. I'm happy with it. All of it. That's the first time since moving in that I've been able to say that. My room at its most basic is very monochromatic with blacks, whites, and greys. Mostly cooler-toned … Continue reading Room Tour

Inspiration: Book Covers

Unsatisfied with my design education (though keep in mind I've only been in school for 10 weeks out of 52), I spent my weekend watching videos, reading books, and researching graphic design, in particular, typography and book covers.   In class we're working on html and we all created our own websites (yes, another) and one … Continue reading Inspiration: Book Covers