I finally did what I said I’d do and made a room tour!

I think I’m done. I’m happy with it. All of it. That’s the first time since moving in that I’ve been able to say that.


My room at its most basic is very monochromatic with blacks, whites, and greys. Mostly cooler-toned neutrals. But to warm things up and balance it out, I added warmer accents, like the brown throw, the wall macrame, the rug, and the dreamcatcher. I also injected some colour in the form of (fake) plants. These earthy and nature-inspired colours really added life to my otherwise stark room.


I decided that big empty space above the bed would be decorated with something small in order to keep the space feeling bigger and more open. The macrame hanging I got was from a small Canadian business. It was only $35 including shipping.


My nightside table had a little bit of everything, but I still tried to keep it minimal. One necessity, one personal touch, one thing to tie into the overall room, and a locally made scented candle, just because.


The best accessory to any room is a pet, I think.


Terry the Bull was one of the first things I ever put in my room, and had that sense of nature-meets-urban that ended up inspiring my whole bedroom. I think having him kept me focused on my goal all these years.


Foxy loves the rug, which I got for $19. Someday I’d like to get a bigger rug, but for now this suits me (and my wallet).


I kept things very monochromatic, sure, but I played with texture to no end.


Shelves are difficult to style. I thought I had it down (check this post for another, more colourful version of them), but then I decided to take all the books out which changed everything. I started over from scratch and was more minimal with the decor and the colours this time around.


People don’t often notice how much of a difference a good light makes, but they definitely notice a bad light.


Foxy also likes the bed.


The closet is perfect, and not having doors adds to the minimalism and saves space in this small room. At the right time of day, the shadows almost make their own kind of art.


5 thoughts on “Room Tour

  1. This post deserves way more likes than 4! Honestly, your room is so pretty! Looks pretty heavenly! 🙂 I like how everything flows well together and the mirrors – so pretty! 😀 Great job on the decorating, looks amazing! x

    Liked by 1 person

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