I’m done until May. I’m really tired. Everything’s handed in. I got my marks back for my pitch and my presentation. One A and one B that was almost an A. Pretty good. I hope everything else turns out the same way. Now I’m going to watch YouTube videos until I fall asleep, which shouldn’t take long.

We Did It!

Yesterday I had class until noon, then at 12:30, one of my group mates came over to work on our script for Scriptwriting class. We worked for ten hours. Ten hours. That doesn’t include the half-hour break we took for dinner.

Writing is difficult. Sometimes it’s damn near impossible.

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(#12) Weeklies

Whew! What a week!

I started out the by listing the assignments I needed to do and which were already done.


  • Textual Intervention 2 Essay

To Do:

  • Fiction For Children Creative Piece
  • Textual Intervention 2 Creative Piece
  • Creative Voice 2 Essay
  • Creative Voice 2 Creative Piece

To Do With Group Members:

  • Fiction For Children Presentation
  • Scriptwriting For Mainstream Television Script
  • Scriptwriting For Mainstream Television  Presentation

Doesn’t that look terrible? But then I took some of the projects I’m working on outside of school, and decided to make them my Creative Pieces. They got good receptions from peers and lecturers. Moral of the story: To do good in Creative Writing, just write whatever the fuck you want and then make it fit the criteria somehow. Now my To Do (Alone) list has been cut in half. Things are good.

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Adult Stuff

It’s not that I’m getting bored of blogging, it’s just that I have an essay due on Monday and I’m tired as hell and there was a party yesterday for Chinese New Year and I had to meet with some group mates and…


No more excuses. Here I am, typing a blog post. Let’s get real. Things have not been going well. I keep messing things up.

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In Class

I was not going to miss another day after my late start at the beginning of the week, but yesterday I was working until the wee hours and the only break I took was to watch Supernatural. Speaking of which, I’ve been disappointed by the past couple of episodes. Where are Cas and Crowley? And why isn’t anything interesting happening outside of the Impala?

Anyway, sorry I didn’t write yesterday.

I am currently in my Scriptwriting for Mainstream Television class listening to my lecturer telling us about the history of sitcoms. My friends are exchanging bored looks with me and each other. From what’s on the screen overhead, it’s a safe guess that as soon as he’s done talking, my lecturer will show us the pilot of Frasier. No complaints there. We saw the first several minutes of Sherlock in class last week. I’ve decided I really like this class.

But I’m also hungry and we don’t get a break for another forty-five minutes.

I’m Happy, but Tired

There’s nothing quite like the euphoria of having handed in all the big assignments and coming out on the other side of the due date victorious. I have no assignments to hand in for weeks and it’s the best feeling ever. Not to mention that I was worried about not finishing on time but I did! Take that, Thomas Edison!

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Bad Day

To be honest, I can’t think of what to type right now. This morning I was up early and I curled my hair (before deciding it was hopeless and putting it in a ponytail) and checked my email and got my books ready. It was a beautiful morning and I had leftover mac and cheese for breakfast and worked on my assignment and went to class. I discovered I was in the same class as a bunch of my friends and our teacher was great and the module was going to be exciting. I was prepared to work and be happy and everything.

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(#4) Weeklies

Ugh. Today is the third day I’ve been sick, but at least I’m finally starting to feel better. Happy New Year indeed. In other news, poker season is over and I managed to either break even or profit from every single game. Not bad for my first full season. Now I’ve got to turn my attention to two massive school assignments due in two weeks. For Non-fiction, I’m writing about Thomas Edison: the classic white-collar criminal (Not the first, but one of the most well-known). For Textual Intervention, for some reason I decided to make a comic. Why? Because we were studying the gothic genre this term, and I’m not a huge gothic fan, so I thought I’d get as far away from that as I can. Hopefully, I won’t be docked marks for that.

Anyway, here are this week’s weeklies!

To be honest, besides partying and poker, I haven’t done very much this past week.

Party food:

Chips and dip. So simple, so good.

Poker Hand:

Full House. Nearly impossible to beat, and of the three times I had it, I took people out and collected a jackpot every time.

Alcoholic drink:

Sparkling wine. I only had two sips for the new year, but it doesn’t leave a bad after taste.

Yup. That’s pretty much all of it. Happy 2015!