I am currently sitting in the hand-in office at my university. It’s busy, and I’ve just handed in my last piece for my second year. I can’t believe it’s over so quick! I find myself thinking about this time next year, both excited to get it over with, and hoping it never comes. I’m also sort of hoping I’ll get an email saying my other assignments are ready to pick up, because I don’t feel like going all the way back to my room, only to return when I finally get the email. I feeling lazy today. Or tired. Possibly both.

I’m worried about my Fiction for Children piece. Although I’m confident in what I handed in (apart from two changes I made after the fact), I submitted everything in the wrong order and left out the bibliography completely. Plus, I managed to sleep through a compulsory class, so that’s around twenty percent docked there. If my work is good enough to break 60% I’ll be sitting at a 40%, which is a pass but just barely.

What I’m looking forward to are the other two assignments: Creative Voice and Scriptwriting for Mainstream Television. It’s going to kill me to only get one third of the script back (I handed it in with my two group members and each of us handed in a third), but I’m eager to see what our feedback is for that one. Creative Voice was a bit experimental, but the class is called “Creative Voice” so I think experimenting with the point of view is allowed.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with my ECP tutor for the first time to discuss what I’ll write about for my big final third-year piece. I’ve narrowed it down to three stories (out of a possible seven). I need to settle on just one before I leave so I can do research for it over the summer. I know that someday, I won’t think much of this decision, but at the moment it feels very big and important. What if this is the first book I complete on a computer (as opposed to longhand) and submit to agents and get published? This could be the story that introduces me as a writer to the world. This could be the story that either puts me on the radar, or gets me blacklisted forever. This could be the start of my career. It could be the end of it.

Of course, it might not be any of these things. It might be a story I decide to scrap after I fail miserably and drop out of university. But I’m going to try not to think about that.

Okay. It looks like Creative Voice has been marked and is ready for collection. Wish me luck…

It’s good news. 🙂 Hope you guys get good news today, too.


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