I got back all my marks except the one I handed in yesterday. I did well, I think. I also decided on what I’m doing for my Extended Creative Piece today, and finished all my last-minute shopping before Paris (2 days!) so I think it’s been a pretty productive day.

Can you believe it’s been five moths since I first started this blog? I can hardly believe it! I was aiming to have fifty followers after the first six months, and here I am, only five months in, with 96 followers! I’m honoured.

At the moment, my biggest worry is packing. I need to pack everything. I got a new suitcase last week which is super fancy. My old suitcase I’ll fill with things like dishes and blankets to keep in storage here in Winchester. My new suitcase will be packed with jackets, sweaters, books, and other things I’ll bring straight to Canada. The little suitcase will have everything I need for Paris, and my weekender bag will have everything I need for travelling, like my notebook and headphones and stuff. I’ve got everything figured out…in theory. I just have to do the actual packing, and I just know I’ll bump into a problem or two along the way.

In about four minutes, I’ll be going to the last Let’s Act meeting of the year. If any of you have been around long enough, you’ll recall a few of my earliest posts about the Christmas Showcase. They’re still doing an end-of-year show, but I’ll miss it because of Paris. So today’s the end, for me. At least until September.

I guess with the end of this semester, an entire semester of blogging, I’m feeling nostalgic. Not that I’m done blogging, or done university, or done anything. But it’s possible for things to end before you’re done. I guess that’s when the nostalgia hits you hardest, isn’t it?


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