Surreal: Short Film

I’ve been busy. So busy that the only thing that reminds me I don’t actually have a job is my back account. So I haven’t been posting. However, I was in a half-hour long short film which is finally out and I figured at the very least I could share it with you all.

Why You Should Avoid All Emails

Sequel to Why You Should Proofread Emails.

Oh my god, will I never figure out this email thing?

The first true story I ever put up on this blog was Why You Should Proofread Emails¬†and while I haven’t exactly repeated the mistakes of the past, I managed to mess up pretty big anyhow.

2 Minute Sandwiches

As a student, I am constantly going to be lazy, busy, or both. So what’s a girl to do when her stomach complains?

IMG_0658Introducing The 2 Minute Sandwich! (Also sometimes known as a cucumber sandwich.) Which I actually did in two minutes and thirty-eight seconds according to the timer, but I’m rounding it. Perfect for when you need something to eat while working on an essay, reading a comic book, or running late to class and hadn’t packed a lunch the night before!