Today was exhausting. Good, but it’s 8:30pm and I think I’ll go to sleep soon. There’s more to come tomorrow, and the rest of the month.

Here is the Outfit of the Week.


White logo tee, black converse, and washed-out jean A-line skirt. Pretty and simple with a touch of summer, but I kept it from going all the way summer with my black bomber. England is a lot warmer than I’m used to March weather being, so I don’t mind having a summer outfit at all. Pretty much everything above the knee was from TopShop this time around.

It actually reminds me of 2006 fashion, when the nineties were still transitioning into the 2010s. Form-fitting shirts and a little leg areĀ all good, but there’s also just the right amount of the current decade.

I’m also jumping in this picture. I forget why. I just remember I was having fun. I think there was Eye of the Tiger playing or something.


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