Today wasn’t bad. Woke up at 9:07 for a 9am tutorial which the tutor didn’t show up for, felt horrible for an hour and a half, cancelled on a friend, then I went back to sleep and slept until 3-something. And I had spaghetti for dinner. Yup. That was pretty much my whole day. Sleep and food. Can’t get any better, right?

I’m worried about Weeklies this week. I haven’t been to see any new releases in theatres since the beginning of January. I’m still working of The Book Thief which is the first book I’ve read since September that I didn’t need for school. Half my favourite shows are on pause. It looks like I’m going to have to get creative.

I bought a few clothing items over last weekend. A black leather jacket, first. Even though they go with pretty much anything, I’ve never had one before. I got mine 75% off, so I’m pretty happy with that. I also got a pair of black oxfords. I’ve been looking for a pair for ages and was comparing prices from all over before finally settling on some from NewLook (also where I got the jacket. I also got a pair of sunglasses at one of Winchester’s vintage stores, which I love.

Anyway, shoes of the week: Black Oxford Flats

Jacket of the week: Black Leather Jacket

Sunglasses of the week: This is pointless I haven’t even got a picture, this will mean nothing to you.

Candy: Jolly Ranchers

TV Episode: Grey’s Anatomy I know this is two weeks in a row, but it’s definitely deserved. Last week they had their very dramatic superhero episode, and this week, it was revealed what I suspected all along: Maggie Pierce is asexual. If you’re new, you can see why I loved both these episodes by clicking here.

Book: It’s going to be The Book Thief until I actually finish it and start another book, honestly.

YouTube Videos: Honest Trailers and Everything Wrong With are pretty similar and both hilarious.

Anyway, that’s it. Later!


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