Okay, so let’s do this.


The Devil Wears Prada: Not as bad as imdb says it is. It passes the Blechdel test right away and focuses on a character who works hard to get where she is instead of having things handed to her. Not to mention there’s the whole theme of staying true to yourself, and some seriously awesome fashion, even if it is from 2006. Bonus, Stanley Tucci is in it!


Community: The new season of Community has been out for weeks now and I have to agree with everyone on my Facebook feed: It’s excellent! The episodes haven’t been this good since season 3! I really hope they keep it up.

Flash: For a while now, it’s been overshadowed by it’s sibling show, Arrow. While Arrow has had time to find it’s footing and establish itself as a top show, Flash is still finishing up it’s first season and I’ve always found it to have more of a juvenile feeling about it. That is, until recently. The past two episodes have confused the hell out of me, and I must admit I like it. They’re stepping out of the box, pushing the storyline to the very limits of suspended disbelief. Of course, this close to the limit, if they do a single thing badly, it could all come crashing down. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.


Arctic Monkeys: I feel like they’re fast becoming old news, but I’m still not tired of their songs. I don’t think I’ll ever be.


Celtx: The Ultimate Scriptwriting website. Even though it glitches every so often, it saves so much time and headache. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it and my free trial ends soon. I’m gonna miss it.

YouTube Channel

Wong Fu Productions: Largely underrated, Wong Fu Productions is a company that makes short films and comedy sketches and has been since 2003. Based in California, they only have two million subscribers even having made short films and video blogs for twelve years. They’ve had a lot of asian-american talent in their videos that have made it big, like Randall Park from Fresh Off The Boat, Ki Hong Lee from The Maze Runner, and Arden Cho from Teen Wolf. I remember watching them as an itty bitty tween and now at twenty, I’m still enjoying their content. Here’s their most recent video:


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