Today was beautiful and sunny. I went for lunch with a friend, and then we just walked around, looking in stores and sitting by the river. Afterwards, she bought an ice cream cone and I got a milkshake and we walked back to our flat.

I was a bit nervous about wearing shorts because English weather can turn into rain pretty quickly. I had a jacket in my purse just in case, but it turned out I had nothing to worry about.

Because it’s spring break and summer is just around the corner, a lot of people are, or will be, going on vacation. This outfit is great for hot and humid climates and is proof that vacation clothes don’t have to break the bank!


The sunglasses and sneakers might be familiar. Unfortunately, my white strap sandals, which would’ve gone with this outfit perfectly, are in Canada, so I wore Converse since I expected to be doing a lot of walking. The sunglasses are from a vintage shop in town.

Wearing light colours keeps you cooler. That’s just science. The shirt, though slightly see-through (which is easily remedied with a tank top underneath) wasn’t just white, but also flow-y which helped, too. The bottoms were sort of shorts that gave the illusion of being a skirt. The print was fun and fresh and the material was crepe-like, which was good for the heat but also got a bit static at times. Because the material was so thin, I wore white under-shorts just in case. And voila! A simple and cute outfit. Both the shirt and the shorts were from Primark. The shirt was £5 and I think the shorts were £6 at most (I lost the receipt).

I used an orange-tinged lipstick that was similar to the orange tones in the shorts and added liquid eyeliner to balance out the black sneakers. My eyeshadow was a simple reddish cream eyeshadow that I put on in half a minute with just my fingers, which is good for travelling. If you wanted to wear this outfit to a beach, you could swap out the sneakers for sandals and add a straw hat. On the flip side, you could wear this outfit to a country club if you just add earrings and heels. It works for however you spend your summer. And the vanilla milkshake was good as well. So tell me below: Would you wear it?


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