Now that all but one of my assignments are handed in, I have an entire month of getting a taste of what it’s like to live on my own. For a month, I will be living in a mostly empty flat (I think one of my flatmates is still here, but I’ve yet to see her, only hear her) and cooking for myself and coming up with ways to spend my time, like writing posts for this blog.

Today’s Easter Sunday, so pretty much everything is closed. It hasn’t been very sunny either. So I’m stuff in the flat, maybe dancing around my room (which I’m excited to show you later this week), trying on outfits (you’ll see some of those, too), experimenting with makeup (you don’t want to see that) and other stuff to keep myself occupied. I finally have time to read and I’m almost done The Book Thief (finally!). I’m also going to brush up on my french for Paris (yay! Paris!) and write. Write, write, write.

This is the life. Even if it’s just for a month, this is the life.


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