IMG_3683The Romper: high fashion or passing fad? To be honest, I didn’t really care when I tried on this one from New Look.

I saw it on a mannequin and immediately liked it. Palm leaf print is today what pineapple print was yesterday. It gives off that Hawaiian vibe and makes me think of sitting in the shade of a palm tree on a beach. For the past few years, pastels have taken over spring and summer colours, but with the introduction of pineapple print, vibrant tropical shades of green and yellow began to come back. With palm leaves, the palette has been further simplified to just green, following the beauty of ceramic brocade. It’s such a refreshing colour, and the pattern is wild and brave without inducing migraines. Win-win, right?

In addition, it just so happened that on the first try, the romper fit as if it had been tailored for me. You know how something you were on the fence about becomes a definite yes when it fits perfectly? That’s what happened here. Not to mention rompers can be an entire outfit on their own, plus it had real pockets! I tried to put it back, because I didn’t know how much I would wear it outside of England and the price was just a little too much for my liking. However, after circling the entire store, I went back to the rack, picked it up again, and went to pay. And I’m glad I did.


I’ve yet to buy sandals (I think I’ll look for some in Paris) so I wore the romper with flats and sunglasses. Done. Was that easy or what? I added a kimono-type layer that I got for £3 at Primark, which kept it beachy.

Maybe next week, I could try the same romper in a different style to demonstrate how versatile they can be. If you’d like that, let me know in the comments below!

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