The atmosphere is beautiful, isn’t it?

I meant to write yesterday but thanks to the roundness of the Earth, I was out like a light by 8pm. Not to worry, I will catch you up on everything that has been going on.

After Paris, I stayed with Sarah and her family until yesterday when I had a morning flight back home to Calgary. It was possibly the smoothest ride across the ocean I’ve ever had.

Greenland mountains through the clouds.

I was seated next to an older British couple who’d never been to Calgary before. They were going to take a train across the¬†Rockies and a cruise to Alaska. It was on their bucket list.

How inspiring is that? Lots of people make bucket lists and here I had the honour of meeting a nice couple who were checking things off. That’s awesome.

Apparently, they hadn’t had too much experience on airplanes, so I was showing them how the A/C worked and how to change their language settings and in return, they tapped me on the shoulder when there was food and I hadn’t noticed because of my noise-cancelling headphones. Win-win, right?


Which reminds me of some other seat-neighbours I’ve had. A few stick out to me.

When I was twelve and returning from two weeks in Quebec, there was another unaccompanied twelve-year-old girl next to me. We became fast friends, and after that ride we never saw each other again.

One time, I was returning home during the winter and the man next to me couldn’t look away from the window. Turns out he was on business from South Africa and had never seen snow before. It was pretty cool being part of that experience for him.

Another time, my first ride to Europe, I was next to a girl also from Calgary who studied abroad in one of the five countries that somehow tops Canada in those “Best Place To Live” lists. She gave me a lot of tips, which I appreciated.

And yet another time, I forget which direction I was going in, but I was seated next to a really hot guy. For a nine-hour flight? Not bad! But it turned out most of the rest of the plane was empty, so I moved to a middle seat where I had two empty seats and an aisle on either side of me. Much better.

The flatlands of Alberta. As the woman next to me said, “It’s really flat, isn’t it?”

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