You know, it’s been a while since I’ve written a good old, let’s-catch-up, blog post. I think I’ll write one now.

I like to say I’m busy, but most of my day is actually taken up sleeping. My body clock is set on Australia time, which is not great when I’m in Canada. I’m trying to sort that part out.

I’ve done about half the painting in my room. Most of what’s taking so long is waiting for the paint to dry so I can put on another coat and do touch-ups, and then tape and paint some more. I’m starting to really miss my room and having a place to be on my own and sneak onto the roof in the middle of the night (don’t tell my parents I do that).

It’s not even September yet and I’m already getting stressed over school. I’m going to be running the writing society this year; I’ve never run any kind of society before. I’m freaking out. Is this blog called Stable And Confident In My Abilities As A Writer? No. I’m so screwed.

On top of that, I have no idea what I’ll be doing for next year. Should I get a masters in creative writing? Should I do it in England or Canada? Should I study something else? Journalism or Television or Filmmaking (which is different from Film Studies)? What kind of job do I look for as a writer? Where do I even begin? How will I ever achieve my lifelong dream of moving out? (Aim high, right?)

My ECP (the big long important thing I will have to hand in at the end of my third year in order to graduate) is supposed to have a first draft by now but it doesn’t and I can’t even find my plot and character outlines. It’s probably somewhere in all the stuff that was displaced when I emptied my room to paint it. It’ll probably stay lost until I put everything back into my room. Who knows when that will be…

I’ve begun to play piano again. I haven’t really practiced in two years. Before university, I was anxious about how I was going to practice while I was away. The answer: I wasn’t. But recently I came across something really pretty-sounding, so I went to the keyboard and started to figure it out. It has only been two days, so it’s hard to tell whether I’ll keep at it.

If you want to listen to the song I came across, click here.

Another something I’ve started doing is tae kwon do, the korean martial art. I’ve never done martian arts before, unless you count a week’s worth of gym classes in eighth grade learning karate basics. I’ve only had five classes of tae kwon do, but even when I’m sweating like crazy and my hair is stuck to my face and my muscles are so tired I can barely walk out of the dojang, I really, really love it for a bunch of reasons.

  1. Doing what Chuck Norris did makes me feel a little more kick-ass than usual.
  2. I hate going to the gym and this offers a more fun and interesting way to get fit.
  3. I can try to use it to scare off anyone who attacks me when I’m walking alone at night.
  4. As a half-asian who likes to act, knowing some form of martial arts will open up twice as many roles that are available to me.
  5. It’s great for blowing off steam and de-stressing. You know when you just feel like punching something for no reason, or maybe  big reason. Yeah, it’s good for that.
  6. I’m one of three females in a class of about twenty adult students. Just saying

I highly recommend finding something you enjoy as a way of getting fit and healthy. It may not be martial arts for you. Maybe it’s synchronized swimming, or hip hop dancing, or actually going to the seventh ring of hell gym. Maybe it’s just forty push-ups and sit-ups every morning. I dunno. You do you.

That was nice, wasn’t it? I haven’t spilled my thoughts into a blog post for ages now. I quit doing that a long time ago because it started to come up in my actual life through concerned friends. Let me be clear—I write to get things out of my head. If I have a complete breakdown and write about it, and then someone mentions it in person, I will probably already have forgotten about it. All is well with me.

Anyway, how are your summers going so far?


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