For the long weekend, my dad went on a trip and my siblings stayed at my mom’s house. I lost my phone and I had no car. Basically, I spent over 96 hours home alone except for my dog Foxy and a minnow my little brother caught at the lake last week. Sad, right? Thankfully, I’m an introvert and I consider myself an expert on passing the time alone. I thought maybe some of you guys could use some suggestions on things to do when you’re home alone, or if you want you can do all these things with a friend.

  1. Work out. I know this is rarely at the top of anyone’s To-Do list, but hey! You’re alone! There’s no one to judge you if you can only do three push-ups and there’s no one to compare yourself to. You can just focus on yourself and feeling good.
  2. Dance Party! No one’s home to see your moves or complain about your music choices. Just go for it and dance away!
  3. Write. You know that thing you’ve had an idea for since last year? Or that other thing you keep putting off? Go write them now. Just write whatever you want, without anyone to distract you.
  4. Skype friends. You’re bored and you want to talk to someone. Maybe you’ve got friends in the same boat, who knows? Bonus: You’ll be less likely to start talking to the walls.
  5. Go for a walk. You can see some neighbours, get some fresh air, and maybe your dog will stop barking about being inside for too long.
  6. Clean your room. You can take all the time and space you need and at the end of the day, you’ll (hopefully) have a more enjoyable space to be in.
  7. Do some chores. Being productive in a boring way will make you feel better about yourself when you slack off later.
  8. Read a book. It’s like going on an adventure without getting off the couch. It’s great.
  9. Work on your hobbies. You love to paint, but you just never have time. You like to knit but all you can make are scarves. You enjoy making cardboard houses but your family gets annoyed when you steal all the cereal boxes. Who cares?
  10. Take a bath. A really nice, long bath with bubbles or a bath bomb or whatever the hell you want. Instructions here.
  11. Play dress up. Maybe you haven’t worn that dress in the back of your closet since your prom, or maybe your cowboy boots are only worn once a year. Don’t let your treasures go wasted!
  12. Learn a language. There are many sites and YouTube videos that will help you learn a language and you can do all the bad pronunciations out loud over and over without annoying anyone.
  13. Prepare pranks. Nothing nasty, just hide of a couple of whoopee cushions and stick a sticky note to the bottom of the computer mouse. Maybe have a cup of water ready to fall when someone gets home.
  14. Bake or cook. Make the most delicious meal or dessert you’ve ever made. You don’t have to share!
  15. Surf the internet. Let’s be honest, we all end up here anyway. Maybe look for those sites you used to go on as a kid, or just catch up with the blogs you follow *hint hint*. It passes the time.

Hope this helps anyone who finds themselves with nothing to do. Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Comment below and maybe someone will find it useful!


3 thoughts on “15 Things to Do When You’re Home Alone

  1. Sadly I had to giggle at the ‘do some chores’ one! In a good way, that is, because I agree completely – do some chores now, don’t care later when you’re being lazy! It doesn’t have to be much either as long as you’ve done something!
    Reading a book, writing and taking a walk are at the top of my list, too :3

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