Oh look! I finally figured out why my twitter feed wouldn’t show up on the sidebar! Not to worry, I’ve fixed it now.

*sigh* I love this. I love talking with teachers and classmates who write and I love being inspired by their enthusiasm. I love that someone actually showed up to Writers’ Society besides me (I really wasn’t expecting them to). I love already knowing what my subject will be for my scriptwriting module. I love that my skirt rejected the soy sauce I spilled on it earlier and I can’t even see a stain (still gonna wash it though). I loved my dinner (which may or may not be an upcoming recipe), and my outfit, and just my life in general.

A picture I took in my first year of a perfect day. It was nominated for a photography thingy.

So often these days I see things about people being depressed and the news isn’t very upbeat and the world is a mess. Sometimes, even my own life is a mess. That’s why I want to appreciate days like these, when everything seems right and the ride is easy. Someday I might need to look back at how perfect everything is now, just to know it’s possible.


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