I felt sick yesterday. I don’t know if I was sick, but I felt like I was and when there’s no one around to tell you otherwise, feeling sick is enough. I’m lucky. My class yesterday ended at 11am, then I did a few errands and I studied with friends until five or so, and I didn’t have to be anywhere or leave my room at all after that. So I didn’t.

Instead, I stayed in bed as much as I could and watched Pretty Little Liars. I did some reading, went to sleep, and when I woke up I still felt kind of ill. So I kept watching Pretty Little Liars until I ran out of episodes, and by then I felt kind of good again, so I left my room and got some food and sat down to write and here I am.

On another note, I’ve been thinking that my blog posts can be kind of long. I just kind of go on and on until my word count reaches the 500 word mark. Occasionally there’s a post with something interesting that happened, or an article of sorts, and that’s fine. Those can be long because I have more to say. However, these sorts of posts where I just update you guys on my life do not need to include some sort of lengthy philosophical thing-a-ma-bob not sure how that’s meant to be spelled, but you get the idea). Sure, if I have something on my mind I want to share, I will, but I’m not going to force 500 words.

Having said that, this post is now pushing 300 so I think I will end it here.


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