Even though it’s technically Sunday, I will be writing as if it’s still yesterday.


Today, I have something to write about. I took no pictures, but I actually did something besides sit in the library and write (which feels like all I’m doing these days and unfortunately not much of that writing is for this blog).

I met up with my friend the BearSleuth this morning (you can check out his comic book themed blog here) and we took the train to Southampton which is a town not too far from where we go to university. We saw Macbeth at the cinema, starring Michael Fassbender.

Mini Review: On top of the Shakespearean speech, I also had to get past their Scottish accents, but the Bard’s words are still as poetic as they were when I read Macbeth in high school. What Shakespeare couldn’t write was the beautiful cinematography and beautiful special effects as well as the locations, sets, and costumes. The acting was well done and if you can get past how clean everyone is for isolated catholics/protestants in Scotland in the middle ages (back then it was thought that cleaning yourself would make you susceptible to the devil’s influence, a big reason of why the Black Plague was so successful), then I’d say the makeup work was great, too. A film well-made that will probably be skipped over by a lot of people, just because Shakespeare is old. Not that I can blame anyone for preferring something more modern.

Afterwards the Sleuth showed me a comic book store, where I had to fight the urge to spend all my money. I have to keep in mind that books are a huge chunk of the weight that contributes to overweight luggage fees at the end of each semester.

We had lunch-dinner which was delicious and returned, full and happy (and a tiny bit exhausted if we’re being honest).

It’s been ages since I’ve spent actual time in an English city other than this one. My two days in London after Paris were spent indoors and I wasn’t feeling too well for one of those. I think the last time I did any sort of travelling within the country was wayyy back in November last year, just a few weeks before starting this blog. I went to London with some friends for a weekend, and it was great. I think it’s time we did something like it again…


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