I realized that Wednesday was the one-year mark for how long I’ve been writing in my blue coil notebook.


Just eyeballing it, it looks like I’ve filled a little less than half of the book. Since the last notebook was filled in two years, it seems I’m right on track. Except that I haven’t written more than two words in the past month and a half (the two words being “Chapter” and “18”).

Just thought I’d make a note of it.

As a writer, I get a lot of notebooks as gifts because people don’t know enough about me to think of anything better. This has resulted in my accumulating some ideas for how to fill them.

  1. Of course the first one is to fill it with a story. This is the notebook idea that changed my life. It feels good to write a story longhand.
  2. Sometimes it’s nice to keep a journal of sorts. Maybe just a log to keep track of your activities, or a diary if it’s more personal. These things are great to look back on, like time capsules.
  3. Some of my smaller or cheaper notebooks I carry around to jot down any ideas or write lists in. They’re portable and flexible.
  4. Hey, these are notebooks. Why not take them to class and use them for notes? It’s just the most obvious use for them.
  5. Last but not least, draw in your notebooks. Whether the pages are lined or not, it can be relaxing to scribble on some paper.

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