I’m finding myself spending a lot of time with my friends. Maybe I’m just overly aware that I won’t be able to call them up to hang out as easily by this time next year. Being in a small town where everyone walks to where they want to go, even just a trip to town for groceries is a good enough excuse to see a friend. I’m really going to miss it.

Something else I’ll miss about England is how free people are to experiment with their fashion choices, especially in London. It’s strange how a country can influence your closet so much. What I wear in England, I would get stared at it I wore in Canada. Not just for weather reasons, but over here people are just generally more accepting if you want to wear four different floral patterns in one outfit, or maybe a little something like today’s Outfit of the Week.

IMG_4565(Okay, I have a confession. I hate my dorm room this year. It’s ugly and old and has terrible lighting and a terrible view. Unfortunately I had to leave my tripod back in Canada, so I can’t exactly go around town taking pictures of myself. It will have to do.)

This is the perfect 70s London-inspired outfit for autumn. It’s so warm!

The dress was such a loud pattern (which I love), so I chose to keep the rest of the outfit plain and toned-down. It turned out quite nice, and I love the silhouette. I got compliments on this outfit all day!

Patterned Dress: Urban Outfitters

Turtle Neck, Oxfords, and Tights: New Look

So what do you think? Would you wear it? Comment below!


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