I had the induction for my new job today. I think I’m even more excited to work there than before, now. I think I’m going to really like it.

For my ECP (aka Extended Creative Piece aka Creative Writing version of a dissertation aka thesis) my idea just wasn’t working out so I switched to something I’ve been working on outside of school. I’m on track again, and now I can work on my passion project without feeling guilty about neglecting my ECP because they’re the same thing!

Which means I know what I’m doing for all my assignments this semester except for one: my comic script. I love my Comics and Graphic Novels class and I love learning about all of it,  but when it comes to writing comics, I just don’t feel qualified. Last year I did a comic for Textual Intervention and even that wasn’t in the form of a script at all. I’m not worried about it though.

I’m supposed to have six pages of film script done for Monday, and if I don’t do it there’s a good chance my homework for the Monday after that will be to do twelve pages. But I’m still working on my essay, so it might be worth putting off. I’ve got detailed plans for my film and I’m pretty quick at screenwriting, but essays are my writing weakness so I need to spend more time on them.

Anyway, I should probably get back to that essay now. Come back tomorrow for something a little more interesting!

P.S. Back home in Canada, my dog Foxy has met her target weight and is no longer on a diet! I’m mentioning this because I looked for posts titled Updates so I wouldn’t have two posts with the same title, and the closest one talked about Foxy and a puppy video, which I forgot I meant to share with you guys, so here you go:


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