I am way too early for work. Like, an hour and a half early. But class ended early and I already ate and work has wifi and it’s better to be an hour and a half early than five minutes late. The day is wet and gloomy. I can see the peak of what looks like a castle in the distance, but it’s probably just a church or something. Still, looks cool.

So what’s the point of this post? I don’t know. I’ve found myself with some time in this busy day and I’m taking advantage of it. Just to cool down, look out the window, and write down my thoughts.

I don’t think we realize just how powerful thoughts are. A thought can take over your life if you’re not careful. Thoughts are contagious. They are biased, they are blind, and they are dangerous in the wrong heads. I kind of hate thoughts. But there’s no off button. There’s no escaping. They’re there, layers upon layers, moving around, dancing to the beat of that song in your head.

That might be why I like to write them down. It’s the only way to get them out. I’ll never be able to clean my head out completely, but on a page they stay still. Organized. Neat. Quiet.

Almost bearable, I think.


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