Coming Up For Air

For once, everything’s quiet. That’s rare at a university.

The wifi only half-works and it’s horrible. Like right now, I’m getting messages saying I’m no longer connected to the internet, but it still shows four bars and green lights.

Let me give you a rough update on my life. I haven’t had many personal posts lately, which is dumb because one of the reasons I have this blog is to keep friends and family in Canada updated. So here’s an update.

I’m busy, but it’s a good kind of busy. I’m keeping up with school work, I have a job, and my social life is freakishly packed. It was never like this in high school. I’ve been seeing at least one friend, doing at least one thing outside of school, for every single day in the past three weeks, with the exception of the three days I spent in Paris, although it could be argued I kept it up over there, too.

A study session in the library, a walk through town, a talk over dinner—it’s hard to go wrong with these things. As my friend yesterday said, it’s good to come up for air. And it’s true. Friends are like air.

Author: precariouswriter

I live in Calgary, Canada where I was born and raised, but I lived in Winchester, England for three years while in university. When I was fourteen, I decided there weren’t enough books in the world and set out to make more. Since then, I’ve been writing non-stop and aim to work in the book industry. I have two blogs: is my personal blog where I'll write about anything. is book and writing-related posts including reviews, poems, short stories and articles.

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