Pat and I went to Trafford Centre today, which is this enormous fancy shopping mall filled with fancy schmancy stuff. Yes, I am a writer. Yes, that’s the best way I can think of putting it.

We didn’t really do any shopping, but there was a lot to look at and we got lunch. Trafford Centre is big enough that we managed to spend three hours there, walking, talking, eating, and browsing. I took some pictures. It was chill.

Part of Trafford Centre from the outside. It’s Ancient Greece themed…
…except for the cafeteria which was Titanic-themed. I didn’t really get it either, but they somehow went well together.
It’s just really fancy. It wasn’t very busy today, either.
Best for last! What do ya think?

The weather up here is being uncharacteristically sunny, too. I’m getting really lucky with the weather these couple of weeks.

We returned to Pat’s for dinner and went to see The Jungle Book afterward. I won’t say much except that it’s more like the actual book than the older cartoon movie.

The day ended with some downtime, which I spent petting their cat, Fifi (picture tomorrow). Tomorrow should be good as well. Until then!


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