Today we went to Chester, a historic city with a beautiful cathedral and an old wall. Well, it’s got a bit more than that, but if you were to boil it down, those are the main things.

It was a beautiful day for visiting Chester.
You can see Chester there near Liverpool.
One of the gates as part of the wall.
Here’s the view from on the wall.
A closer look at the fancy clock.
A view of Pat from the wall.
The cathedral, as seen from the wall. There were lots of flowers blooming.
Inside the cathedral.
Deeper inside the cathedral.
And still deeper in the cathedral. I have to say, this was my favourite part of it. Beautiful, isn’t it? And it was tucked away in the corner.
The cathedral’s courtyard garden was very nice and had rare trees and flowers growing in it.

We also visited a museum and saw the remains of the Roman colosseum and bath house. There were people going around dressed as centurions and a pretty river. It was nice.

After coming back from Chester and having dinner with Pat’s parents (extremely kind and generous people), we went for a drive around the area and watched the sun set.

All in all, a good day.

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