The Calgary Stampede kicked off this morning with the annual parade, and while I didn’t officially go, I did have to cross the crowds, and closed-off, horse-poop-laden streets to get to work this morning. If you follow me on Snapchat (imiller27) you probably got to see it.

I worked all day and forgot to pack a lunch so when my mom was on her lunch break (I don’t really have a defined lunch break so I’m going by hers) she very kindly bought me Korean takeout and took it to me while I was at work. It’s good to be working within walking distance of her workplace.

Work was busier than usual today (which isn’t saying much) and nothing went seriously wrong after the minor incident when I set the alarm off first thing upon arriving. Oops. But now I know better for next time. I’m still learning.

After work I went to my cousin’s house to hang with three of my older cousins and three of their kids. The youngest I last (and first) saw when she was five days old, and now she’s six months old. The oldest was born around the time I left. Looking at all of them I’m only reminded of how long I’ve been away and how much I’ve missed.

My mom joined us after a few hours and she, two of my cousins, and I fell into storytelling conversation. Mostly my mom, whose stories go as far back as my grandfather’s childhood, but everyone was glad to fill me in on what I had missed. I’ve been asked and told ever since I was fifteen to write down the family’s stories, and I’ve tried in the past. Non-fiction just isn’t my forte, and there’s so much to cover and I never really knew how to cover it. But tonight with all the stories being told, I suddenly remembered I could record them all on my phone. So I did. I wonder if I’ll do anything with them, though?

I finally arrived home past midnight to…

My chair has finally arrived! Which means you’ll be seeing pics of my chair and shelf soon! Probably when the sun is out again.

I have another day planned for tomorrow so I’d better go to sleep now.


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