Yesterday morning I went to an orientation at the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and saw what they had to offer. I think I might join, but I’ll have to wait until I have more money. I have other things higher on my list anyway, like SAIT classes, or some lessons or a gym membership to keep myself active. Even though I have a job, my budget is tight.

After the orientation, I had an audition! Turns out there’ve been auditions for things all summer, but I only ever seem to find out about them after the fact. I was lucky to get this one, though. I doubt I’ll get it because I don’t think I fit the role very well, but I need more experience auditioning anyway so I figured it can’t hurt. It turned out to be kind of fun, although I was shaking a tiny bit from nerves the entire time. I psych myself out sometimes. That was why started making YouTube videos, actually. To get used to the camera. And it worked, but then I stopped. Maybe I should start again?

Because we found ourselves near the locally-famous Peter’s Drive-In, my dad, brother, and I sent to get some.

Excuse my finger. Still not used to taking pictures on this thing.

When we got home again we took Foxy for a walk and managed to get home just as it started to rain.



Thankfully my brother managed to save some flowers from the hail that came with the storm. It was a spectacular storm, too. We went grocery shopping in the middle of it and the roof was leaking in places so there were buckets on the floor. After one especially big, loud thunder roll, you could hear everyone in the store stop in awe for a second, and then you could hear everyone going, “Whoah, that was a big one.”

I went to a friend’s house to help her out with her website and then stopped at Starbucks for a little while to write. My mom picked me up form there and I had dinner with her and my sister for a change. I ended up sleeping over and I probably will again tonight after work.


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