I quit school. If you’re wondering what that last post was about, it’s that. I was finding myself increasingly unhappy in school to the point where it was affecting my grades and I was late every morning because I hated coming in. I was hyper-aware that when I graduated I would be soaked and dripping in debt and I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of education I was getting for what I was paying. I also wasn’t convinced that the diploma I was working towards would improve my future in any way.

There were a bunch of smaller things which my classmates and I were trying to improve, and we succeeded in several. The dean was nice and I was hopeful things were getting better. But then I was offered an escape, and I took it. Hope isn’t enough for twenty thousand dollars of debt.

So my work hours have changed a bit and I’ll work as much as I can while I figure out my next move. I was teaching myself graphic design before I left school so I’ll keep doing that. I don’t have the programs or equipment to practice on, so I’m saving for those on top of everything else. Technically, I could get the most important things tomorrow if I wanted, but I’d only have a few cents left so I think I’ll wait.

I’ve increased my word count goal per week since I haven’t got school anymore. It’s gone from 2000 to 3000 and I’m at 11,800 right now. Two hundred more and I’ll meet last week’s deadline. It’s not going as well as I’d hoped when I first started (again) but better than it has in a long time. Though at this rate, what I thought was a four book series might only be a standalone. Events are passing quickly but I have no intention of slowing the pace, so I might write the entire thing in far fewer pages than I’d planned. I don’t know how I feel about this.

Anyway, that’s what’s happening in my life at the moment.


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