You will not believe the morning I’ve had.

I was late going to the gym. After the gym I was late getting to work. So I didn’t blow-dry my hair after my shower and ran outside to get to work and my hair froze (you might get to see it if you follow me on snapchat: imiller27).¬†When I got to work I realized I’d left my water bottle at the gym. I also forgot to eat breakfast, so I was hungry and looked in my bag only to realize I’d forgotten my lunch at home. But hey no problem, I work in a mall and we have a food court so I was going to buy something…only to realize I’d also forgotten my wallet.

At this point I was sitting on the ground cry-laughing at how off my morning had been. My boss loaned me $20 and I went back the the gym for my water bottle and my hair finally thawed and then dried (and has been really staticky ever since) and I bought food. So everything turned out okay.



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