At some point in the last few days, this blog turned 3 without me noticing. And as I do every year, I’m now looking back at how things have changed and what I’ve done in the past year. 

December 2016 – Good Morning

It’s hard to pick a favourite because I kind of love all the posts from this month, but I chose this one for the snapshot of my life it gives.

January – A Week Without My Laptop

This marked a changing of tides. This was the month that I quit my job.

February – Making Things Happen

And this was the month that I took a chance and really went all out for the acting thing. My resume at the time of this post had a total of one (terrible) short film on it, and now I’ve done four short films, a web series pilot, a television pilot, and a feature, plus a few other things. I’ve also made a short film of my own! I’ve come a long way and learned a lot.

March – Future Plans 2017

It’s nice to look back and see how things have worked out. Also, I completely forgot that I felt this way about design school even when I first got accepted. I thought I was acting brash and maybe should have taken more time to consider, but if my gut feeling about it was a bad one from the get-go, I feel a bit better that I never went through with it. I wouldn’t be happy.

April – Spring 2017 Makeup Haul

My first ever makeup haul, and it was rather well-received by you guys. Which reminds me, I have another one to post soon…

May – Surreal: Short Film

Surreal now has over 10 000 views and I’m glad I wrote about some of the BTS because I forgot a lot of it!

June – Plan A

Things were starting to get a lot better for me here, and I think I could sense the turning of the tides. It’s one thing to do what you love, and another to actually get paid for it.

July – Splat.

Another big turning point. This is when I quit school before I even started and decided I’d like to chase my dreams for a little bit longer.

August – SIV Short Film

My directorial debut, the first script of mine to be made into a short film, and a big deal to me.

September – Montreal Day 6: Botanical Garden

I went to Quebec in August and was still trying to catch up with the blog in September. Travelling is harder in Canada, so this was notable. Also, I ticked something off my bucket list by eating bugs!

October – 2017 Room Tour!!!

My room was a project as old as this blog, maybe even older, and you’ve all been following along with its progress for a while. So it felt great to finally be able to present to you my completed room, and it feels great to be in the room of my dreams knowing I made it happen.

November – Valerie the Film

My first ever feature film and another milestone for me! The indiegogo for this only has a week left, so please if you want to see it when it’s done in August, order a copy of the film here and support independent films (and yours truly)!




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