As a retail worker, the holiday season means I have less and less time for, well, anything. My mornings, when I have them, are spent in the gym or in my bed. Fifty-fifty. Then work, and then an hour to get home where I’ll sometimes write on the train, and once I get home I basically eat and go to bed.

But between all that, other things are happening. I’ve started writing two pilot scripts (although one could be called a re-write) and on Sunday I got my acting headshots done. I think with a bit of work they’ll be great. I’m also a new writer for Canada’s most popular LGBT magazine, Gay Calgary. That’s exciting. I’ve just submitted my first thing. Hopefully it will be satisfactory.

I’m taking a small trip to Banff tomorrow. The day after I will try to do the entirety of my Christmas shopping, because I didn’t think Christmas would come this quickly. The day after I work until six and have an acting thing after. Then Tuesday to Christmas Eve will be my full-on gym, work, bed schedule. Thankfully, shopping malls are closed on Christmas. But the day after is Boxing Day. And I work the entire day after, too. So I’m working eight out of those nine days.

I’m tired. Goodnight.


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