Okay, so I’ve just realized my attempt at “Monthly Faves” instead of “Weeklies” hasn’t worked out. I haven’t done one since January. So I’m trying again with Seasonal Faves. Who knows? This could become an annual thing if I’m not careful.

Movie: Logan

I loved it. Bringing in a new wave of XMen and not limiting itself to a PG rating. There’s grit and humour and blood. What more could you want?

TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy

The finale’s shaping up to be a good one.

YouTube Videos: Try Guys

I’ve been watching a lot of Try Guys. Sometimes I don’t even pay attention to the videos and just have them on as background noise, and then someone will scream and they’ll have my attention again.

Book: If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio


I won the audiobook of this and although finding a CD player was a bit of an obstacle, I’m really liking this Shakespearean murder mystery.


I don’t know. Recommend something in the comments?


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