I’ve been trying to wear this dress in an OOTW for years. It goes so well with so many different things, and it can be worn up and down, casual, office, or more semi-formal. I also wanted to show off the perfect shift fit, not loose, but not so tight either. Just enough to wrinkle in the most flattering places.


Finally, I got a picture of my outfit on a day where my outfit was a little bit dressed up, a little bit dressed down, and you can still see the perfect loose/tight balance.

Dress: New Look

Bomber: Forever 21

Purse: Spring

Shoes: Payless

Tights: No idea, but they’re just standard tights so who cares.

In terms of makeup, I wasn’t wearing any. With an outfit like this and a dash of attitude, you’ll find you’re good to go without it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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