I don’t know why I don’t write much anymore. It isn’t like interesting things aren’t happening to me. Last week I was in my first music video and then drove to the middle of nowhere where I proceeded to lock myself out of my car for the second time since I started driving two months ago. This week I was in my first commercial and participated in an attempted Star Wars marathon where we got through episodes 4-6 but just barely and I was on my phone/laptop for a lot of it because I thought they were boring (don’t hate me).

Things I said I’d do and haven’t:

  • Editing stuff I’m supposed to edit
  • Make more YouTube videos
  • Write more main novel
  • Sent cover letters to agents

Things I wasn’t planning on doing but did:

  • Designing covers for books that don’t exist
  • A Star Wars marathon (attempt)
  • Getting locked out of my car in the middle of nowhere
  • Write more side novels

I wish I could catch you all up in more minute detail, but alas my life is not so interesting as that, and also I gotta be up early to drive my brother to school tomorrow. Even though my dad is fully available for that now.

I just remembered my car’s almost out of gas.

I still have a few gifts to buy, and I haven’t put up my little pink Christmas tree yet. Actually, we haven’t really got anything festive in our house at the moment, although I noticed two boxes on the kitchen floor this evening labelled “X-MAS” so the threat of decorations now loom. What I have in lieu of decorations are a ton of boxes and bags in my room with gifts waiting to be wrapped. One of them is five feet tall, and I’m procrastinating. I have gotten away with wrapping gifts on Christmas Day in the past, so do not underestimate my power of procrastination.


But anyway, the Valerie Indiegogo campaign has ended and it’s time for me to tell you all about my next project. Snowshoe & Monster is a really cool web series with some awesome people, and you can go and give our page a “like” here if you wish to stay updated.

In the mean time, I’m going to try being happier about the season, although historically winter is a bad time for me. I think the higher expectations and lower temperatures make for a bad combination.

So in lieu of a religion-catering holiday greeting that I am in no mood for, I will leave you with this:

Good luck this winter.


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