2018 has been interesting in a good way. As with nearly every year, 2018 started with parties. Then there were a few days of chilling and getting organized in preparation for the upcoming year.

On the fifth things started to kick back into gear when my production partner Ania and I finished the final version of SIV, the short film we filmed back in August. On Saturday I did a table read for a friend’s script, and I ended up knowing a lot of people there and meeting more cool people and it was really fun (and a really good script!). On Sunday I went with my dad to an open call for extras for a television show called Tin Star, and that was fun. The people were really nice. If you’re curious, what happens at these things is you show up, fill out a form, submit your resume if you have one, get your picture taken, and that’s it. If they think you look like you could be in the background of their shoot, they’ll call you up and offer you some money for your time and you can be on set and see how things work and meet people and it’s generally a pretty great atmosphere.

Our first laurel!

On Monday I got some big news. SIV has been accepted into its first film festival! Ania was super excited about this, but I was mostly relieved. SIV being my first film, I had no idea whether I’d made something decent or not, and it’s good to know someone impartial had seen it and chosen it above other films. It’s a good feeling. Anyway, Ania and I and some friends drank champagne to celebrate.


You can learn more about SIV here.

And starting January 11th, around 5pm, you can get tickets to see it here. This festival is in Red Deer, Alberta.


Also, the web series I’m in called Snowshoe & Monster is premiering along with nine other web series pilots at a local cinema, so if you’re in Calgary and you’re interested, you can get tickets here.

If you can’t make it to Calgary for that, no worries. It’ll be available online February 5th. Follow the series on Facebook here.

So yeah, things have been going really well. January last year was easily my worst month of 2017. Within the year, I’ve been in a bunch of really cool projects including a feature film, filmed in the same building as Fargo, written and directed a festival-worthy short film, and have been working as a freelance editor and writer.

It’s a big time for me, a lot of the work I’ve been doing is coming to fruition. Which is great, but I’ve got to be honest…

…I can’t wait to get back to work.


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