If you were expecting daily blog posts from Vietnam like I usually do for my trips, I’m sorry to disappoint. This trip I decided I’d film vlogs instead, and now my arms are muscly from holding up cameras all month.


At first I thought I’d be able to blog as well, but found at the end of each day (after already staying up late to offload my footage and recharge my batteries) that I was content with sharing through vlogs alone and was too tired to write, especially when many days I knew I’d have to be up at five the next morning. So instead, I’ll be posting the vlogs here on the blog when they come out, which I don’t expect will be for another several months. Sorry, but I got a lot of footage. It’s something to look forward to at least, and I’m very excited to share my trip with you guys. (If you can’t wait, you can see pictures from my trip on my Instagram: @byivy.)

Something else to look forward to is another room design. I’m starting to spend more time at my mom’s house and my room there is a little…underdeveloped. As with my room at my dad’s house, I’ll be keeping you guys up to date as I furnish and decorate and make it my own. More on that later.

I’ve had a busy summer, not all of it with internet access either, and regretfully my posts have been few and far between. I’m a little bit worried that my autumn will look the same way because of the opposite reason—I don’t have anything happening at all this fall…yet—so I’m going to make a conceited effort to blog often, even if I only write about little things.

Today’s little thing:

Since I got back from Vietnam (a week ago), I’ve been waking up at about 6:30am most days, including today. My jet lag manifests itself as early-bird-itis, and I’ve been trying to take advantage of that. The first morning I had nothing to do and fell asleep at about 1pm out of pure boredom. I’d been waiting for my mom and sister to wake up and they didn’t end up waking up until 4 and 6pm respectively. On Wednesday I volunteered to pick my cousin up from the airport just because it was something to get me out of the house in the morning. Today, I’m writing this post over breakfast. I’m not normally an early riser. We’ll see how long I can keep this up.


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