From the End

Things are precarious right now.

I am writing this from the other end of a pandemic. Or maybe from the middle. Or even the beginning. I guess we’ll see, won’t we?

Nearly Nine Years

When I approached the counter of the Starbucks I’m currently writing this from, the barista, Michelle, greeted me by name. This Starbucks is across the city from where I live, so this was slightly concerning. However, it’s five minutes from Heritage Park where I’ve been going to rehearsal five times a week for the last two months.

Coming in Summer 2015

My summer schedule is quickly filling up. Not only am I still working on my bedroom, looking at possible summer jobs, and hoping to fit in some classes, but there’s also the possibility of a few day trips, some camping, and other summer-y things. There should be no shortage of things to blog about this summer.

There are going to be some great films that I look forward to seeing and possibly reviewing. I might also have some spare time for books. I’ve got a long list of novels to read and it’s a list that’s only going to get longer. During term time I don’t normally have the time or opportunity to read books that aren’t on my reading list, so I try to take advantage of breaks.

I want to say more, but I’ve been going to bed at a decent time for nearly a week now and it’s a streak that I want to keep going, so I’ll say good night. Until tomorrow!